Have You Implemented Client Lifecycle Marketing?
What would it look like if you could connect with everyone
in your Customer Lifecycle?

How many people have you interacted within the past 6 months? 
Can you reconnect with them and create a place for them in your business? 


Whether or not they’ve purchased from you, they are part of your client lifecycle. Now, it’s important to understand the client lifecycle. This is the process a person goes through when they first become aware of your business to when they eventually buy (and repeat). 


And most business coaches don’t teach this. It’s advantageous to create engagement and services for every step of the client lifecycle! Because, if you understand the client lifecycle, you can build a strong relationship with your clients and turn them into loyal brand advocates without the need to consistently chase new people! 

The client lifecycle has 3 simple steps

  • Attract. This is when the person first comes into contact with your business. You are also nurturing the subscribers and followers you’ve attracted. 
  • Sell. The individual is checking out your offerings and comparing to similar offers. This is the crucial moment when the person decides to buy. 
  • Wow. How do you treat the client after purchase? At this point you need to follow up and keep them engaged. After repeat purchases, the client is all in and will sing your praises to others. 


Why is it important to know these steps? 

Because the client has different needs at each step and will respond to your offer(s) differently. Fortunately, I do teach how to recognize and apply the customer lifecycle to your business. 


Although it involves technology, it goes far beyond technology. It involves, strategy.  

Can I help you with your Customer Lifecycle strategy?  

You are invited to book a Client Lifecycle Marketing Strategy Call. 


A private 60-min session to review your business, your marketing, and your results. 

 This Zoom call with be recorded and sent to you to keep. 

We will go over: 

  •  Where you are now 
  •  What might be keeping you stuck 
  •  Your current business numbers (subscribers, leads, sales, projections) 
  •  Your current marketing strategies (opt-ins, social media, email, events, etc) 
  •  Where is there room for improvement? 
  •  What is your goal and activities for the next 90 days? 


After this hour with me, you’ll have a personalized playbook with a strategy, action plan, and immediate next steps to get you closer to YOUR goals. 


This can be a game changer for you and your business! No more fumbling with complicated strategies that no longer work for you and your business. 


Sound good? All you need to do is complete the information below and book a call. 

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 I’m excited to see what we can plan together!

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